Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kevin Crossley-Holland's visit

I love this picture of Kevin and I which was taken after his visit to talk in our module (April '13). I am holding the piece of obsidian which inspired and features in his Arthur trilogy. Look at my cheesy grin, look at those dimples!

A captivated audience!

Kevin showing the map of Caldicot Manor he first hand-drew for Arthur: The Seeing Stone

Kevin sharing his love of Arthurian legend
Kevin's 10 things to remember about the Medieval period:
It was a time of:Maturity
Disease and filth
Birth of Romantic love
Consuming superstition
Social rigidly
Self reliance in terms of clothing and food and material goods
High spirited wit
Open shows of emotion
Privileged very few 1% dreamed of a golden age

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