Friday, 26 April 2013

Assignment 2 Details

Assignment 2

An essay of 2,500 words, 70%. Learning outcomes assessed: 1-5
Select one essay title from those listed below. Your essay should demonstrate a close focus upon and an analytical reading of the texts, and must be supported by appropriate critical reading. Please note the learning outcomes for the module as above. Ensure that you reference appropriately and please note the policy on plagiarism.

1. Discuss the relationship between the environment and the construction of childhood in two texts studied during the course of this module.

2. ‘Children’s fiction, while it may appear innocent, often contains layered complexities that engage with dominant discourses rather than merely reflects them.’ Fiona McCulloch (2011) Children’s Literature n Context.
Discuss this statement in relation to texts studied during the course of this module.

3. Analyse the narrative structure of two of texts studied during the course of this module and consider the implications and reasons for the use of the particular approaches adopted.

4. Analyse and discuss the implications of class and power in two texts studied during the course of this module.

5. ‘Historical fiction functions …as both a memory and a transmitter of culture.’ (Kim Wilson, 2008) Discuss this comment in relation to challenges which may be raised by two texts studied during the course of this module.

Assignment submission date: Wednesday May 15th

Assignment return date: on or before June 12th, 2013

Learning Outcomes:

1.      describe and define aspects of the history of English children’s literature from the nineteenth century to the present day;
2.      show a critical understanding of children’s literature in the light of contemporary critical practice;
3.      apply their knowledge of children’s literature to specific examples;
4.      use previously learned knowledge, skills and competencies to inform their understanding of the study of children’s literature;
5.      with tutor direction, critically assess texts from children’s literature in relation to literary movement, genre and contemporary critical theory.

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