Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A gift from Kevin Crossley-Holland to Laura

A gift from Kevin Crossley-Holland to Laura

I was overwhelmed by this unexpected gift accompanying a letter which I received at work from Kevin Crossley-Holland recently. It is a copy of the map which was created for The Seeing Stone, hand-drawn and watercolour painted by Kevin himself, depicting the area in which the Arthur trilogy is based. This photograph really doesn't do it justice unfortunately. I am having it framed & having it put on the wall of my library at home. I live in and am renovating part of a mid-Victorian converted church (no, neither Diamond nor the North Wind have ever paid me a visit and there are no apparitions of apostles that I am aware of) and in the top floor of the spire I have all of my bookcases. It's a lovely place to read in as there are six stained glass windows by which rays of coloured light come through in shades of purples, greens, golds and pinks from all sides.

The note at the top of the map says: "For Laura, With warmest wishes from the 'cartographer' and author! KCH"

What a lovely, thoughtful gift to give to an academic fan! 

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